What Made Me Smile #57

What Made Me Smile #57

We are nearing the end of Summer now. Yikes I am not ready for Autumn. Are you?

My weekly What Made Me Smile posts allow me to reflect on happy moments that I have experienced in the past week and makes me grateful for what I have in my life. Always remember ”gratitude” in your daily thoughts and you will be rewarded with good things in return.

End of Summer-Sarahslifestylediary

I have been trying to hang onto every last bit of Summer these past few weeks and getting the most out of my Summer wear. Who else is on my page?

With that being said, my sandals are well and truly packed away now, that is unless the sun decides to surprise me with a 25 degree sunny day (I am very specific with my sandal wear, with anything colder than this, I will only wear closed shoes).

So here are my smiles….

What Made Me Smile #57

  1. Me: So what happened to Mr X? Are you guys not dating anymore?

Friend: He wouldn’t put the radiator on when I was cold and figured that               was rude!

Me: Are you kidding me? Couples married for 30 odd years still argue about         that.

 This made me chuckle!

2. I grabbed the last pack of vegetable crisps ( my guilty pleasure) at the                   supermarket.

3. I took one wrong turn on High Street Kensington and somehow ended up             near Shepherds Bush (oh my sense of direction is shocking). I had a good             laugh to  myself.

4. I had a lovely brunch at Timmy Greens (second visit) with my bestie. This             place is seriously one of the best brunch places I have been to.

5. I got told I look like Eva Longoria ( probably the second time now). I don’t             see the resemblance. Do you?

What has made you smile this past week? Do tell and share below.



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  1. September 27, 2017 / 4:58 pm

    I can see the resemblance! You’re beautiful! It’s great to keep in contact with yourself and knowing what makes you happy, so thank you for sharing. For me this week, I am happy that I have built up the courage to start writing short-stories again, and sharing them!

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