What Made Me Smile #61

What Made Me Smile #61

With Valentines Day around the corner, maybe that is something that is making you smile.

My weekly What Made Me Smile posts allow me to reflect on happy moments that I have experienced in the past week and makes me grateful for what I have in my life. Always remember ”gratitude” in your daily thoughts and you will be rewarded with good things in return.

Valentines Day

What is making you smile? Valentines Day treats?

Here are my smiles of the week.

What Made Me Smile #61

1- Re- connected with my grey shade of Essie nail varnish which I found hiding at the back of my drawer. It is the little things that make me smile.

2-Dined at Lay low for my birthday dinner and surprised by how lovely their food was:) A definite must try , dubbed the new ”Chelsea crowd in place”.

3- Tried the ”Eat” brownie bar and it was heaven. I think I will include that into my daily coffee mornings.

4- Being out of touch from the pharmacy world, I thought I would update my knowledge with reading the PJ articles online and came across some fascinating pieces of information.

5- Realising that there is a reason why things come and go in your life and feeling blessed for what has left. Friends/people will sometimes disappoint you, and it is down to you to filter the good from the bad.

What are your smiles?


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