What Made Me Smile #73

What Made Me Smile #73

The Royal Wedding was spectacular and for those of you that didn’t tune in, well you missed out. The hymns, the flowers and the ceremony was all so perfect. Harry is just adorable isn’t he and my heart sank when I came to know that he hand picked the flowers from his mums garden. Diana was watching down and smiling at you. There were a few moments where he did look very sad at the wedding. Whenever the camera was pointed in his direction, I did let out a sigh of ”awww”.Who noticed Kelseys grimaced face after the ceremony, she honestly looked like she was about to cry. They did date on and off for seven years, so I am sure the wedding pluckedĀ  at a few of her heart strings.

I hope you all had a lovely week. Here are my Top 5 What Made Me Smile #73. Remembering to be grateful everyday is powerful and you will always be rewarding by good things in return. Be happy with yourself, with the things that surround you and remember to smile each and everyday.

What Made Me Smile #73

1- The royal wedding steals the number one spot. I wasn’t a fan though of her simple dress, but her overall look was stunning.

2-The weather this week has been amazing.

3-Eating kunafa right now

4-The month of Ramadan, I do love this month. May all our duas be answered.

5-Tried ”Tossed” for the first time. I had a great superfood and chicken bowl. I loved the idea of using the iPad to select your option.

What made you smile this week?




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