What Made Me Smile #70

What Made Me Smile #70

It is National Tea Day soon and I am celebrating early by sipping away on a Turmeric and Ginger Tea Latte with a side kick of Bounce energy balls. What made me smile today? The sunshine of course was the first reason to bring creases to my face this morning. That is right, I have creases and lines when I smile which I would rather have reduced, although people think I am mad when I say I want to get some botox done. I am back with my What Made Me Smile post:) And I am on number 70 now.

My top 5 What Made Me Smile #70

1-Lighting up and soaking up the scent of my Diptyque cinnamon candle

2-Having a lovely drink with my bestie the other day at Harvey Nichols 5th Floor. It has been a while since I have been there.

3- It is National Tea Day soon and I am having a kick (pun intended) ass Turmeric and Ginger Tea Latte. I think I added too much ginger and its giving me the biggest kick. Yikes, I need to add some more milk and dilute it a little. I am craving some of my banana and carrot cake, perfect for #NationalTeaDay. They are to die for.

4-Drawing an awful picture of an elephant and my tot saying it is beautiful.

5- I dreamt that I was in Australia surfing the waves. Dreams turn into reality, you got to make it happen.

What has put a smile on your faces? Having your morning latte? Getting a seat on the tube in the morning? talking your dog for a walk? Tell me, I want to know about it.


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