What Made Me Smile #72

What Made Me Smile #72

London’s weather forecast showed plenty of sunshine. And what a gorgeous Bank Holiday it was fuelled with picnics, BBQs and outdoor brunching. It is always a struggle getting an outdoor seat anywhere in London when the weather is nice so if you do venture out, do try and get out early.

London is such a pretty city when the sun is shining and a great place to be. I see that everyone is happier when the sun is out, people are less stressed and can can enjoy life. Don’t you think? I feel like a lot of people in London work to live and don’t enjoy their everyday week. I blame this expensive city.

Back to the weather. It looks like the good weather will turn on us tomorrow according to the weather man. I was contemplating on what Summer dress to wear tomorrow before I glanced over at the weather page.

Now for my smiles.

My top 5 What Made Me Smile #72

1-I had a lovely bank holiday weekend with my friends.

2-I managed to see and get close and personal with a herd deers at Richmond park.

3-I made a kick ass raspberry jam with zero sugar. Recipe to go on the blog soon so stay tuned. They would go perfectly with my Quinoa scones I blogged about previously which you can find here.

4-Stopping on the street to smell the blossoms.

5-Being totally ok with not wearing make-up today. A good pair of sunglasses is all you need and hair band for a high bun.

What made you all smile today?


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