What Made Me Smile #69

What Made Me Smile #69

Laughing in the rain and smiling through the pain. Now that is my motto of the week.

I am back with my 5 things that made me smile today. My weekly¬†What Made Me Smile posts¬†allow me to reflect on happy moments that I have experienced in the past week and allows me to smile and be grateful for what I have in my life. Always remember ”gratitude” in your daily thoughts and you will be rewarded with good things in return.

How has your Monday been guys? I would like to say I had a productive one, but sadly I didn’t. However, I did manage to get myself a much needed hair cut. So now I am split end hair free and damn it feels good. This is definitely something to smile about.

Here is my What My Made Smile list.

My top 5 What Made Me Smile

1- Late night snacks when there is no one around to judge me. These are my favourite snacks.

2- Reading the profanity on some Facebook pictures I have come across.

3-I have been using baby wipes to clean off dust on surfaces for years. They are bloody good!

4-Picking up a stripy jacket from H&M that is so IG worthy

5-Looking at my wet feet wearing pumps with no socks in the rain. My mind was on the beach somewhere, far, far away.

What made you all smile this week? Do tell and share.


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