What Made Me Smile #52

What Made Me Smile #52

I write this after having a lovely day in Windsor. A gorgeous Bank Holiday Monday it was spent with my friend Joy. There was a picnic, some fun in the sun and a lovely afternoon tea at a little cafe called Madame Posh.Bank Holiday Monday

If you ever go to Windsor then Madame Posh is one place to definitely stop by at. You are greeted with flowers from all angles and the interior design sure does live up to its name. They serve a whole range of teas including red velvet latte, yes I know, amazing right? The crepes and ice -creams are divine too.

Ok back to my smile list..

What Made Me Smile #52

1- A gorgeous Bank Holiday Monday spent in Windsor

2-Obsessed with my copper gold MAC eye shadow

3-Sometimes the people you least expect to disappoint you will do just that and all you can do is smile and ignore it.

4-I was stopped in the street and asked if my hair was a wig or real. Like really? I guess it is a compliment right?

5- A waitress at Harrods cafe handed over the bill with a ”you have the most gorgeous smile”. I was having a particularly bad day and she just made my day. Thank you.

It is the little and simple things in life that can bring you the most joy, don’t you agree? What put a smile on your face this past week?

Always remember to have gratitude in your heart, and remembering this will in turn bring you good.


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