WhatMadeMeSmile #5

WhatMadeMeSmile #5

I love writing my weekly What Made Me Smile list because it makes me reflect on happy moments I have experienced and makes me grateful for what I have in my life.IMG_4515


1-When my tot called out after me saying ”mummy don’t go, I always want to be with you”. This made my heart melt.

2-Meeting all the lovely parents at my tots new school which he will be starting soon. I am embracing the new milestone which is not like me at all because I am very much a person that is scared of change.

3-Dying my hair darker which definitely makes my locks look healthier.

4-Explaining to someone ”I think you need to do a complete 360 degrees change” and realising I actually meant 180 degrees. I knew that anyway, but I was having a blond moment.

5-Receiving a text from a long lost friend with the words: ”you are still looking as hot as ever”. Awww you made my day with that comment.

What has made you smile this week?




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