What Made Me Smile #27

What Made Me Smile #27

I am back with my What Made Me Smile post.

Finding happiness in yourself is important. How do you find happiness? I enjoy writing my weekly What Made Me Smile list because it allows me to reflect on happy moments that I have experienced in the past week and makes me grateful for what I have in my life. Recognising gratitude is your gateway to success.What Made Me Smile

It has been a rather cocktail mix of a week for me, some disappointments, super happy moments and stressful times. Just missing the  ”relaxed and laid back” feel in the mix. Hoping for this next week.

My Top 5’s that put a smile on my face this week

1- Had an amazing Yoga session with Yogi2Me. Download their apps guys, for home visit group yoga sessions. It is well worth it

2-Always lovely seeing Banke, this blogger babe, always puts a smile on my face

3-The little one tells me he is going to marry me when he is older! My heart melted.

4- I ate burgers and sweet potato fries twice this week! Coupled with both an Oreo and Reese peanut butter milkshakes to wash it all down with! Major #foodporn week it was for me. Diet? what diet? Stay tuned for the post, but feats your eyes here for some drooling.

5-It is my birthday today. A year older, a little wiser (I hope) and another reflection and looking back moment to see how far I have come this past year. New goals and inspirations/goals to set today.

How has your week been? Anything exciting? Would love to have a read. Drop me a line below.


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