What Made Me Smile #10

What Made Me Smile #10

I enjoy writing my weekly What Made Me Smile list because it allows me to reflect on happy moments that I have experienced and makes me grateful for what I have in my life.mummy blogger

I am sorry that I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, life just got the better of me and I have been a little stressed lately with a lot going on #mumslife. All is sorted and I am ready to conquer:)

My WhatMadeMeSmile #10:

1-Seeing my brother marry his soul-mate, the person he is most comfortable with, the person who puts a smile on his face and the person that brings him the most happiness. Portugal you were amazing to me.

2-Seeing some of the mums from the tots nursery in the park. It was nice sharing school experiences and how they all got along:)

3-I came out of my comfort zone and put a smile on someone’s face today which made me so happy.

4-Realising that I can achieve anything that I put my mind to. People will always try to put you down, discourage you and that all stems from their own insecurities which they need to sort out. I shall carry on being a trooper, pushing forward and hoping and aiming for big things that are yet to come my way.

5-Discovering my love for Turkish delight with pistachios. These are seriously yummy.

What has put a smile on your faces?



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