Sweets are a toddlers best friend

Sweets are a toddlers best friend

image1 (1)A short rant about sweets and tots! How on earth did I let one moment of weakness get the better of me and now has my little tot sneaking around in cafes in search for sugar like a heroin addict?!

It all began, one day, whilst sitting in Patisserie Valerie in Knightsbridge and uploading a photo on Instagram, (if you are a blogger, you know timing is everything along with the hashtags and so forth) I may have ‘allowed‘ my little monster to tear through a sugar(s) packet on the table. I said to myself, one or two will not hurt, I just need to keep him occupied whilst writing these hashtags. It seemed sensible at the time but boy was I wrong. It is now almost a ritual now that every time we sit somewhere, his first reaction would be, find the sugar, find the sugar and I am literally fighting him off it. There are screams, tears, the whole works, all followed by funny/angry/annoyed looks by on lookers trying to telling me to control my son!

Now he is a little obsessed with SWEETS in general. It doesn’t help that supermarkets place their sweet and chocolate shelves right by the checkout which encourages little monsters like mine to run up to it and grab it from the shelves. With child obesity on the rise, I think a little re-arrangement of displays would be a good idea across all stores including clothes shops like Topshop who strategically place their sweets where they know it will sell well. Health before profits please!

Who else struggles on keeping sugar away from their tots? Any tips please? pretty please with a cherry on top:)



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