What made Me Smile #43

What made Me Smile #43

#Staysafe London.

How do you find happiness? I enjoy writing my weekly What Made Me Smile list because it allows me to reflect on happy moments that I have experienced in the past week and makes me grateful for what I have in my life. Recognising gratitude is your gateway to a successful and happy life. #staysafe London

A moment can change your life forever..

Wrong place…

Wrong time…

That is it! Life gone, in a blink of an eye..

I pray for those that have lost their lives and for the families of those loved ones that died in the atrocious attack on my beloved city London which I call my home.

A cowardly attack on innocent lives, one that can be never taken back and one that changes the lives of those around the hurt loved ones.

These terrorists are NOT MUSLIMS neither do they believe in Islam. Islam doesn’t preach to kill or harm others and in fact no religion does. A ”deviated version” of Islam doesn’t represent the muslim population today.

Islam preaches kindness, do good to others and you will be rewarded, give to charity, help the poor and those less fortunate to you, recognise gratitude, respect one another, value people of all race, background and social class. I could go on and on. There is nothing in the Quran or in Hadiths that indicate killing or even hurting people.

To the terrorists:

We are not scared…

You should fear Allah

Judgement day awaits you

Back to my smiles…

My top 5 that made me smile

1-Learned so much about ensuring a healthy gut from the ”Free-From Festival”

2-Tried the Venchi ice-cream for the first time and it is seriously lush. New store opened up on Kings Road

3-I made a kick ass kunafa filled with ricotta cream and sugar-free dark chocolate sauce. Seriously good which I smothered in extra thick cream. Now that is what I call a balanced diet.

4-Looking back at pictured of me with blond hair. I was seriously blond.

5-It is June:) I am hoping for more sunshine.

What has put a smile on your faces this past week?

I am closing with…

#Staysafe London, be vigilant, be fearless.





    • admin
      June 8, 2017 / 1:04 pm

      Agreed:) Thanks for that

  1. June 8, 2017 / 12:39 pm

    This is so lovely Sarah. It IS so important to be grateful and to appreciate what we have. Life can be so frenetic that we lose track of what really makes us smile. I had a lovely night away by the coast with my gorgeous boyfriend. That really made me smile- just 36 hours away but it felt like a true break. I was reading your bio. I didn’t realise you are a pharamacist. I’m an optometrist so we have similar backgrounds. have a lovely day beautiful lady xxx

    • admin
      June 8, 2017 / 1:02 pm

      Oh no way and do you practice optometry?

      We need a coffee date next time you are in London. I still want to check out Peggy Porschen cafe so lets do that soon

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