Play Date At The Pottery Cafe


Getting arty at the Pottery Café.


How cool is this Café? All you moms better get yourselves to this café pronto for some arty fun with your little ones. You will leave feeling very pleased with yourselves you let those creative demons out. The product outcome can even be given to someone as a present or make use of it at your homes. My friend introduced me to this place, and now it’s my new obsession! This pottery café is perfect for hen gatherings, for gift ideas, wedding presents or just some entertainment and fun with your little ones.

Me and Rachel took our tots here just to create memories and have something nice to hang up in our homes! Nice enough reason don’t you think?

Check out what we got up to below…





On entrance, you are met with toys, reading books, puppets etc and a stand with gorgeous cakes and may I say homemade (home-baked goodies are my favourite). I resisted the urge to take one and swiftly passed through to the pottery arts section. (My cravings at the end of the session won over and I settled for an almond and lemon cake..devine!)


First up, grab an apron for yourself and for your little one(s).


Decide what you want to paint. There is a huge range. From little owls and skulls.


To Teapots.


To cupcakes.


To plates and bowls.


Decide on your design and get painting. There is a colour guide so you can picture what your final colour will look like. And it is important to note that you need 3 coats of colour to match these plates.


They even give you handy tips when paintings. I found this very useful.


I chose to paint a soap holder and a heart plaque.



I took the advantage whilst my little one asleep to get started because I know soon enough, he will wake up and cause havoc! Time was of an essence to me. I got right down to business.


I made a wise decision to draw my picture in pencil and go over it in paint. Yes I am a perfectionist. Even the ladies working there picked up on this. And by the way the ladies working there are fab and give great advice and help throughout the workshop.



Got all my colours together. Now its paint time!. Here goes….



What do you all think? Not bad. My son loves little ducks so I think this is perfect.


And he work up just in time for the soap holder art work. I decided to take a foot print of his feet and paint the letter E.

The great thing about the paint, is that you can scrape it off if you don’t like it. So thought the 2014 looked a bit harsh and changed its position and colour.



After chasing after my little one around the café and creating the soap holder, the heart-shaped plaque dried up and now it was his turn to create his little master piece.


I think he did quite well.

The service you pay for include an all over glazing of art work which you pick up a week later.

And here are the finished product, all glazed up and ready to go.



The reverse side. Very proud of you my gorgeous habibi (darling in Arabic).

I think I will make another visit here soon.

P.s you must book in advance!







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