Parental tips on saving your pennies

Parental tips on saving your pennies

IMG_9509For most parents, balancing the books is a hard job. You’re not just responsible for yourself but for your little one too. We all can get carried away from time to time and spend a little more than we should, I know I am definitely guilty of this.

With this in mind, I decided to share a handful of my top money-savings tips.

Here goes, parental tips on saving your pennies.

1) Stock up on loyalty cards

For anyone that doesn’t know what a loyalty card is, you’re missing out on freebies. Storing up your Boots card points will make your Christmas shopping a lot easier, buying supermarket cards can give you vouchers off your shopping bill and rewards so they are a great way of making your money go further. Waitrose recently introduced a special offer for it’s loyalty card members. They get 20% off ten items of their choice, that they use the most, so there’s no excuse not to start saving up those points. You can read more about this here.

2) Bulk buy things online you rarely use

Shopping around online can get you much better deals than grabbing it from the shops when you run out. There’s always something that you don’t buy enough of, and for me it’s printer ink.  You can pick up Canon printer ink cartridges in bulk though, and get them for a much better price. What do you always run out of?

3) Bulk buy things you use a lot

If you bulk-buy for things you rarely need, think how much money you could save by making the most of special offers for items you buy all the time. I already mentioned the Waitrose offers, but there are a lot of member-only supermarkets like Costco where you have tonnes of products in bulk for far cheaper prices.

4) Look out for free kids offers

These come up far more frequently than you would think. They can be children eating for free in popular restaurants, holidays where children go for free, or child-friendly hotels where they run kids clubs. These are all ways for you to enjoy yourself, create memories with friends and family, but also save you money.

5) Prep-plan cooking where possible

I always find it far easier to get ahead on the week if I know what I’ll be cooking. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to run to the local shop and waste money on buying the same product at double the price. Creating meal plans and shopping lists prevent these unprepared buys and saves you a few pennies. Trust me they add up:)

I hope you found these tips useful, let me know if you have any of your own 🙂



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