Smile and welcome the New Year 2017, What Made Me Smile #23

Smile and welcome the New Year 2017, What Made Me Smile #23

My First What Made Me Smile #23 of the year:) Smile and welcome the New Year 2017. A new year is already a reason to put a smile on my face. Day 1 of the 365 page book of 2017, and I intend to make everyday count, wake up with a smile everyday, recognise gratitude everyday, learn to forgive more and be more positive about life in general.Smile and welcome the New Year 2017

My top 5 what made me smile #23

1- Me: No running in the train station

Tot: I’m not running, I am jogging

This made a few commuters chuckle a little

2- A new year, where I set the dial back to zero and start fresh

3- Glad that Home and Away will be back next week. Yup I am a huge fan of the Aussie soap and always have been, don’t shoot me for it.

4- Re-organised my drawers and got rid of a lot of junk which a much-needed task. Ok so it took me about a month to do but bit by bit I got there in the end. Now I can sift through my drawers and know where everything is

5- Had a lovely lunch at Harvey Nichols to start the new year. Their Yorkshire pudding is the best I have tried so far, a must try. Thanks for having us:) I will have to make another trip soon to try their burgers which judging by the few glances I made to neighbouring tables, it seems to be quite a hit.

What put a smile on your face this past week?

Give me one goal you have put down to achieve in 2017, I want to hear about it.


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