Mummy stop asking me questions about school

Mummy stop asking me questions about school

So the natural thing to do when you pick up your kids from school is ask how their day went, you know the usual like,  what did you learn at school today? Who did you play with? It is normal right? And it would be nice if from time to time if I got a decent response other than ‘mummy stop asking me questions school…’starting school

Me: So who did you play with today?

Tot: Ruby and George

Me: Oh great, what did you do?

Tot: Mummy stop asking me questions.

Convo over….


Am I the only mom in this boat? Do your kids talk about their day? I am hopeful this will change soon.

So with the tot starting school,  my free time has suddenly flourished:) With that being said, I still feel like there is not enough hours to get my errands done and that is with me planning, and doing my daily to do lists. Maybe I am being way too ambitious and need to focus on just a few important tasks rather than get overwhelmed with a whole list of to-dos.

What I am thankful for though is the tiredness after school:) That means bed time has been brought forward, so more ‘me-time’, yipeee!

So what do you moms do with the kids after pick up? Some fun in the park? Straight home?

I take my little one to the library, (sometimes unwillingly). He would much prefer to play in the park. Seriously, does he not get bored with all the playing he does at school? There is a fair bit at this stage. I make it a ritual that at least three times a week we pay a visit to the library and read four books together. Why four? I have no idea, but it works for us. We got to get them to enjoy reading from now and hope that they turn into intellectual and smart beings. You little girls you will appreciate and thank me later for this when you eventually start searching for your sole-mates to spend the rest of your lives with, which no doubt will come sooner than expected. I cannot believe the tot is already four years old. In a blink of an eye, he went from being in nappies to attending school.

I do at some point need to get back into the habit of slotting in some one on one learning time with the tot. Yes he does get some educated learning time at school, but I do not think it is enough. I will give him another week of fun ( or shall I say another week of no tantrums and headache for me)  before I bust out with the books.

What are your daily routines after drop off? Let me hear them:)




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