Mummy Don’t Copy My Style


I was trying on my new babies from Aldo and noticed my little tot getting a wi bit jealous and decided to slip his feet into them thinking I wouldn’t notice!

I think they kinda suit you.


I can do it standing up like you mum.


Actually I better take a seat.  I’m loving these velcro strips, they are just like my shoes mummy from Russel and Bromley. One, two, three and four… it’s easy as pie, you just have to try.


Look mum, we are matching. I think they look better on me, don’t you think mum?


Do you think I need a smaller size mum?

Any time there are shoes or even boots lying around, he gets all excited and loves slipping his feet into them.

Can’t wait until you can put your shoes on yourself and do your own laces:)





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