London Nursery School- Bluebell Cottage for Summer School

London Nursery School- Bluebell Cottage for Summer School

Summer schoolCome the Summer holidays and I feel like I want to hibernate for two months! Do I speak for all you moms out there?

How do we entertain toddlers and stop them ripping the house apart?

All the following applies to me…

They last about five minutes building blocks, two minutes on their train sets, 1 minute doing any sort of learning and about 2 hours in front of the TV or iPad. I try my hardest every day to limit the amount of Peppa Pig, Max and Ruby and Paw Patrol programmes, but when you have stuff to do, sometimes it is the only way to entertain them. Who is with me here?

Today for example, I sat my little one down to learn numbers 1-100 (which he knows but he isn’t 100% accurate all the time when you spot check him and ask him questions). Within  a minute I get the ”oh mummy all this learning is making me hungry…” REALLY?? Firstly, ”all this learning” is nonsense because we barely started and secondly the session was right after breakfast! URGGHHH

To break up the holidays, I find summer schools are the perfect way to entertain kids as well as boost their social skills. They get to meet new kids and make friends, be in a new environment and learn to adapt to new surroundings. Plus it is a lot of fun and gives us moms peace of mind even if it is for a few hours in the day.

IMG_6175I put my little one into London Nursery School– Bluebell Cottage, a newly opened nursery right in the middle of High Street Kensington. Sarah, who runs the nursery, is extremely lovely and someone who I have known for a good 8 months since the opening in January so I knew my son was in good hands. I have never seen a summer school so organised, clean and entertaining as this one. It is their exceptional standards that impressed me so much that I have decided to put him there every Summer:)

story time in summer schoolThe day started with story time.

Followed by snacks. He came home telling me he had crumpets and fruits which sure does beat my tea and biscuit morning snack.

London Nursery SchoolIMG_6186IMG_6183Some play time and mingling with peers.

The lunch menu included pizza and nibbles ending in some delicious cake brought in by one of the mum. Their foods are all organic and use only the finest ingredients for the children. Plus they are all healthy nibbles. I saw the menu and I was actually surprised as to how good it was, it is nothing like your normal sandwich or chips and peas lunch which you often see on school menus.

IMG_6189IMG_6178I just love the decor in this nursery. I fell in love with this house point system. It is a great way to encourage good behaviour (much-needed for my little one). I wonder how many stars he earned…hmmmm

IMG_6181I had a sneaky peek into next Years uniform:) This bag is awesome!

IMG_6194I always judge cleanliness of a place by the standard of the toilets, and this was exceptionally clean. Toilets were immaculate ( quite rare for me to see unfortunately) and loved the site of these soap dispensers.

I have to say the London Nursery School is by far the best I have seen to date. Everything from the friendly staff, to the cleanliness, to the toys and how they engage the kids and decor was outstanding for me.

There is still three weeks to go, so if you are needing to work or just need a break and could do with some ”me-time”, why not enrol your kids here. Trust me you will not be disappointed. There are no monthly fees to tie you down, you can try it for a few days and Sarah is very flexible and will accommodate you, that I am sure of.

If you are in the area, pop down for a viewing and see it for yourself. The nursery is open from the second week of September. Sarah is more than happy to have a chat with you more and go into more detail if needed.

Thanks for having the little tot, he thoroughly enjoyed himself.




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