I am the mum who…

I am the mum who…


Let’s start the ”I am the mum who” tag and see what responses we get. Being a mum, there are a hundred of embarrassing and naughty things we have done/do on a daily basis.

Here goes…

I am the mum who secretly steals her child’s chocolates (in my defence it is because I don’t want him eating it all -not good for your teeth as the dentist would say)

I am the mum who watches the Kardashians regularly to the point that if my little one hears them on TV, knows exactly what I am watching

I am the mum who lets her child watch Peppa Pig/Ruby and Max/ Ben and Holly whilst eating and maybe for another half an hour after that so I can interact on social media

I am the mum who has left the home once without a bra from being in a rush for a school drop off

I am the mum who left her child’s dirty nappies on him for an hour because I was too tired to change it ( this was in the initial motherhood phase when I was surviving on 1 hour sleep)

I am the mum who tells her child in the park that the dogs will eat you if you go near them because I am too scared of dogs

I am the mum who lies to her child and say the shops have run out of orange juice ( he could have five cartons a day if he could)

I am the mum who skips pages at bedtime story time so I can put him down to bed quicker (he always catches me out, the clever little thing).

I am the mum who makes her child listen to the Frozen song just because I like it so much

I nominate Royal mums, Keeping up with the Joneses, Lifestyle with Sofia  and Sophie Moti and Anna Saccone for ”I am the mum who”..Let’s here it:) xx




  1. Salma
    December 29, 2015 / 11:25 am

    Sarah I love this! X

  2. December 29, 2015 / 7:07 pm

    Thanks for nominating me! I love this!!

    I am definitely guilty of most of the above and almost always summarise bedtime stories 🙂

    Will join in when I get a min xx

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