What Made me smile #45

What Made me smile #45

Not much to smile about this week as we take in the devastating news of Grenfell Tower fire that has destroyed hundreds of lives.

My weekly What Made Me Smile posts allows me to reflect on happy moments that I have experienced in the past week and makes me grateful for what I have in my life. Everyone should keep gratitude in their daily thoughts and think of those less fortunate to you when you moan/complain about life.Grenfell tower fire

It has actually been a very sad week after hearing the news of the Grenfell Tower fire. Generations of families destroyed and people left homeless, distraught and traumatised after what has happened. I cannot imagine what life will be like for those handful of survivors. The figure of those dead/burned has surprisingly not been released by the media but if we do the maths: a 24 storey building consisting of one to four bedroom flats, there was probably around 500-600 people in the building at the time of the fire whom many will probably not be identified due to the extent of the fire. Very, very sad.

No fire alarms heard…

No warnings…

People told to stay calm and stay in their flats…

I cannot imagine what the families of those that lost their lives are going through. We can only pray that they find the strength to deal with their losses.

A quick list of my top 5 What Made Me Smile #45

1-I had a gorgeous picnic with my friends today. There was food, there was sunshine and there was laughter.

2-I found a great way to indulge in dark chocolate: Melt it and add a sprinkle of superfood seeds to it and stick in the fridge. Recipe will be on the blog soon.

3-Slowly eating my way through a slice of Jaks Tiramisu. God I missed you.

4-I filled up two big bags of clothes to send to my local charity shop.

5-  I gave my skin some TLC this week by using the Rivage Mud mask which is great for unblocking pores and drawing out all the impurities.

What has been your smiles this week?




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