Billybandit clothing for toddlers have got it just right

Billybandit clothing for toddlers have got it just right

If you are anything like me and like to dress up your little ones and get all excited with blazer jackets and bow ties, then Billybandit is for you. Also the girls dresses have to be some of the cutest I have ever seen, and I was certainly left the store feeling very broody and desperately wanting a little girl.  If you haven’t heard of Billybandit, then head over to Westfields Shepherds Bush for a browse and the team here are extremely helpful and friendly and would help you put together an outfit be it for an occasion or just an everyday look.Billybadnit childrens clothing

This Billybandit look is great for occasions and Summer parties, when you want your tot to look smart yet edgy at the same time. Sometimes it is nice to add some fun to the look rather than going for a straight smart suit look. It was my sisters engagement party and so took this opportunity to dress him up in this yellow number and with her dress also being yellow, it made a good match. Billybandit childrens clothes

Billybandit childrens clothesWith it being Summer, I thought the colour yellow would be the perfect colour of choice. I must say it is a little risky and wasn’t sure what jacket would suit, but against the blue jacket, I think it looks pretty awesome.

Billybandit childrens clothesThis bow tie though:)

Billybandit childrens clothesNormal is definitely boring.

Here is to many more neon outfits:)




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