A Trip to the Disney Cafe

You don’t need to go to Disney Land to meet Mickey.Who’s been to the pop-up Disney Store and Disney Cafe in Harrods?

It is awesome and a must see for all you mums out there.

The Disney Cafe is the first Disney restaurant to open outside its theme parks. It is located on the fourth floor of Harrods department store next to the Disney Store. I only had a quick browse through the store before entering the magnificent cafe. We were welcomed in by Mickey Mouse and Goofy whom my little one just ignored and raced ahead, (typical).



The  Cafe encapsulates the fun of Disney through its magical decor and story telling through the TV screens scattered around the cafe. The fun doesn’t stop there, there are activities by the table such puzzles and crosswords to keep the children entertained whilst the food arrives which my son made no use of  and wandered around the cafe having me chase him. ”Catch me if you can” comes to mind.


My favourite Disney character..Jasmine


You shall go to the ball, I can be your Prince charming.

He was absolutely besotted by Cinderalla!




Mr Ben joins in the fun.


Each chair has these cute Mickey Mouse ears. And thats not all, all the children are given Mickey Mouse ears to wear during their visit and to take home which I think I was more excited about than he was. It lasted about three seconds on my son’s head! But hey I managed to get a quick pic with him wearing it.


Both the Adult and Children menus are nutritious and delicious!


Someone was more interested in his starter than his Ravioli! I was fighting with him to stop eating the sour cream sauce! The waiter observed his love for it and kindly brought another pot to the table. By this time, it was all over his jumper and hands. There was no stopping him.


I chose the Mickey Mouse shaped Ravioli for the little one and Jasmine tea for moi. Judging by the amount of Ravioli that ended up on the floor, I think I would have to feed my little one dinner again at home! As usual, he doesn’t eat much when we are out. Who else out there shares my pain?

After an hour, I was done. Straight home, shower the menace, feed and bed! oh and then relax!


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