The real deal mocha you will want to have!

The real deal mocha you will want to have!


Who else is a hugeeeeeee mocha fan out there? I lurveeee chocolate but sometimes I am in need of that extra caffeine kick but don’t quite want a latte so I opt for a mocha.

The best mocha I have ever tried is in The Botanist! That is one real deal mocha! No joke. You have to try it to believe me! It is made with just the right amount of chocolate and coffee! Plus they give you this chocolate stirrer. How awesome is that?

So I took it upon myself to recreate this mocha (although didn’t taste as sensational, but it was still close).  With rainy cold days like this in London, you will want to incorporate this mocha into your daily routine.

All you need:

Two flake bars

One small cup of coffee

Milk of choice

sweetener of choice if needed

-So first powder your flake and take 3 heaped teaspoons and place in your mug of choice.

-Make your coffee your usual way and add to the flake powder and finally top up with milk. If you have a real coffee machine, you can make some frothy foam and add as the final touch. I tried to replicate the white froth by boiling some milk but it didn’t work and failed miserably at it but hey, the mocha tasted awesome still.

Go on, give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. Mocha swear:)


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