Kalimera from Mykynos:)

Kalimera from Mykynos:)



Now that is a view I will never gte bored of:)


My airport attire.

I thought I would put myself in denim and start off the holiday with something blue; keeing with with the mykynos colour code.


And of course the same went for my nails. I am loving this colour from Rimmel.

Let’s start by giving you a grand tour of the villa. It is situated in an area called Aigos Ioannis, overlooking the sea and about 10 minutes away from the old town (Hero) by car.  One word to some it up- breathtaking. Well I can think of a few more but il let the pictures do all the talking. As the saying goes: ‘a picture says a thousand words’.

The best thing about staying here was the drive everyday. Although very hilly, the scenery was really out of this world.



How gorgeous is this? I got told off a few times by my friends for taking more than a few glances at the scenery whilst driving, but I mean come on, it is hard not to.


Our own private pool (suprisingly wasn’t utilised in this trip).


Breathtaking view. A place like this could remedy just about anything in life wouldn’t you say?




It is all about the details.



Our own barbeque area which also wasn’t utilised this trip (another luxury that was neglected).



The view from the balcony.

Is that enough pics to want to make you book here now? I would def go back in a flash!


After dumping our bags and I mean literally a quick dump and change into our beachwear, we headed to Paraga beach for the day.


IMG_4651Finally I could say ahhhhh. This is just what I needed,a sunbed, an iced frappe,  sunnies and the smell of sea and sand.  I drifted away in a half sleep  mode for a few hours listening to the waves that hit sand whilst I indulged in the moment.


My beach essentials.



Something fruity to keep us going till lunch.



After a few hours, we worked up an appetite and headed to Kalua restaurant for a feed.


Pretty much all our meals involved sharing plates..just the way I like to eat because it means you can tease your stomach with a variety of food! Mozzarella salad, turkey salad, mixed salad..yep we had pretty much ordered half the salad menu at every meal time. Octopus, calamari, fresh fish and eggplant was our daily usual dishes amongst a few others.



With a lobster salad, you can’t go wrong with this dish. The popular taramoslata which is great when dipped with bread was another regular attendee at our food table during this trip:)


After al that food, I did  nothing but sit like a couch potato on my sunbed. Yes bad I know but I was too tired to go swimming and work off he calories.


We headed back to the villa after a few hours for  a shower and change before headed out to hippiefish restaurant. And the name pretty much gave it away- more seafood!  Well all our meals were pretty much centred around seafood. Anyone that knows me know I love seafood and can never get enough of it.



A quick few snaps before heading out for some booty shaking. (Dress H and M, necklace Zara)

We made our way to Caprice, which is a nice little place just by the sea. Nothing like good music, great vibe and the ocean.


Someone was pretty much forced to strut her stuff on the tables:)




Can’t wait to do this all again tomorrow:)

Kalinichta (Good night)





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