Have you ever cried in public?

Have you ever cried publicly?

I have had the great pleasure of crying publicly all over London…I have cried in public many of times…

And I’ve cried for the silliest of things, like the time I realised I left my phone at home, I cried on the tube and looked up to see an old man starring at me and I am sure he was thinking what is wrong with this girl ( I was having a bad day to be fair).

Another time, I had a fall out and realised I didn’t say half the things I wanted to say. For some reason, I always do that, the other person isn’t a mind reader but I never fully say what I want to say and then regret it later.

I cried after receiving a groupon voucher for highlights and my hair colour wasn’t what I wanted. I cried at Holland Park station and decided to cheer myself up and get an ice-cream.

I also remember crying when the little tot was in his tantrum mode and threw my cupcake on the floor. I was waiting to dig my teeth into that, all because I said no cinema day tomorrow as you didn’t finish your homework.

I cried taking a trip down some stair in the train station, I was wearing heeled shoes and texting at the same time, can kind of see why it happened, but my knee swelled up and had a sore elbow. I sat at the bottom of the stairs helplessly and it took a good few seconds for someone to realise before they helped me up. Thanks to the busker man who was playing my favourite David Gray song- Be Mine. This song takes me back to my university days, skipping the lectures and hanging out in the dorm halls, talking about make-up and boys.

I’ve also cried for serious things, like my manicure going all wrong. Just kidding…

I cried when I lost a best friend suddenly. Life is too short, live in the moment, be happy, nothing is ever too late, go and do the things you want to do and learn to forgive.

Have you ever cried publicly?

Take home message: cry publicly and don’t go and get a Groupon deal to get your hair highlights!

Oh and go and make some of my Vegan flourless chocolate cake.


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