The cutest hide away cottage in the countryside

The cutest hide away cottage in the countryside

I had the pleasure of spending a couple of nights away from the busy polluted city I call London, to a heavenly place in the countryside. This has to be the cutest hide away cottage in the countryside you will ever see…#NotAnAD.

The Old School House they call it.

The Old School House

Green sofa in the countryside

Cute, simple & secluded to describe it in three words.

As much as I love London (only the best city in the world in my books), I feel like life is so fast-paced here. I work hard and play hard and I am always on the go. Well at least that is how my friends describe my life. My best friend said to me once, ”Sarah why don’t you do just nothing for a change, you are always busy, always attending events, always out and about yet you manage to do way more as a mum than most mums with partners do”. She is probably right, come to think of it but I guess I don’t know any better, it is how I have always been, so after hearing this, I took it upon myself to take myself away, out of the buzz of London to somewhere calm and relaxing for two days.

I headed to the countryside in a town called Suffolk. This stunning cottage has been restored by the owners to create a luxurious hide away place . It is surrounded by endless fields accompanied by the sound of NOTHING, maybe a few singing birds could be heard and it was so peaceful and quite, so exactly what I needed.

The pictures really do speak for itself.

I know, this bath tub rocks right?

The setting makes it a perfect place for couples too actually. Nothing like a countryside self-catering cottage like this for some loved up time. I was getting loved up by me, myself and I, (the best kind of time).

The cottage is a one bedroom place, with a fully equipped kitchen, a pretty decent size dining area and a wood burning stove for the Winter months. And you know what that means right? Sitting by the fire, melting marshmallows and dipping it into thick hot chocolate. So it is a great place for a cozy get away in the Winter.

A little talk about the town…

Suffolk, is the best place for vintage shopping if you fancy that sort of shopping. I bought myself a few vintage pieces which I absolutely love. My favourite being the dial phone. I have a picture of myself when I was 4 years old, holding the telephone to my ear and turning the dials. Just look how far we have come now with our touch phones.

If you like shopping then Bury St Edmunds is great for clothes and gift shopping with its cute little boutique shops and some high street stores are also available. I personally like the little shops where you can pick up unique items. I picked up a few Vinyl music discs from a charity shop and waiting to buy a record player for them.

There is also a fair few village pubs and cute cafes about. Oh I forgot to mention, a car is a must for driving around. I did see buses but who wants to faff around with bus timings plus the scenic drive it always gorgeous. So back to the pubs. The town isn’t short of pubs with one seen on every corner street pretty much. I came across a pub in the town of Clare that was offering a Sunday roast for £6.99, which is far cheaper than my usual £20 Chelsea roast.

We visited the smallest pub in the UK, the Nutshell and when I say small, I mean it is tiny. When you walk in, all you see is one table tucked in the corner and a small standing bar. It is definitely worthy of the ”smallest pub in the UK” title.

I also stumbled across the cutest tea place in the town of Clare and stopped off for the most delicious blueberry and lemon scones I have ever had. We managed to get an outside table which was an added bonus. Scones in the sunshine, I can’t say I have done this before.

the best blueberry scones and tea

Long Melford tea room for scones
Long Melford tea room

I could have burned off the calories but decided on a drive around admiring the beautiful site of coloured buildings built side by side and the never ending winding roads that lead to little villages.

I stopped off for a picture of this. How cute is this matching house and car? Major inspiration idea here. I am thinking a nice blue Jaguar would do nicely.

After all the driving and shopping, on the last day, we decided on a relaxing morning and had a breakfast picnic out in the fields. I poached some eggs, we munched on the homemade bread and cake and nibbled on fruits under the sunshine. All we could hear was the sound of chirping birds and the faint wind rustling through tree leaves.

countryside picnic
the cutest hide away countryside picnic
The cutest hide away cottage

A fabulous trip it was, and a gorgeous little cottage that I definitely want to see more of. Overall, I would give this holiday cottage a 10/10. Now can you see why I say it is cutest hide away countryside cottage I have seen? Here is a link if you fancy booking and the owners are just fabulous and very accommodating. I forgot to mention that we were greeted with homemade bread and banana cake on arrival which were delicious and a great unexpected treat after the long drive. You know by now I am a fan of banana bread right? Have you seen my recipe for banana and plum bread? Go ahead and stalk my page here.

As Arnold Schwazernegger would say, ”I’ll back”!

If anyone knows of any other great hide away places in the UK, do let me know in the comments section below.

I think hide away cottages will be my new obsession.


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