The best place for dinner in Sintra

The best place for dinner in Sintra

Portuguese food is simply out of this world. I had a great experience in every restaurant I visited in the four days #enoughsaid. The prize for the best place for dinner at Sintra would have to go to Romaria de Baco, hands down.Romario de Baco

A lil background on Sintra first to warm you up.

The picturesque Portuguese part of town has been labelled as the top rated place to visit in Portugal. Its gorgeous historical buildings and beautiful scenery completely wowed me.

IMG_6919IMG_6909IMG_6621IMG_6622Are you wowed yet?

The hilly town plagues with cobbled streets that were lined with cafes and little shops completely took my breath away.

Ok now onto the restaurants. To be honest anywhere you sit will be great, just make sure you order the real traditional Portuguese food to really experience the  great cuisines.

I visited Romaria de Baco which is located in the tourist part of Sintra, but don’t let the word ‘tourist’ throw you. The food and atmosphere here is everything but touristic.

Romaria de bacoLocated slightly higher than ground level, you walk up the few steps to enter restaurant. It was a little chilly so we opted for indoor seating. But look how cute is this outdoor seating?

First up, credit goes out to Pedro, the chef and the amazing waitress and waiter Tiago and Marguida who were super friendly and helpful especially with my little tot.

Onto the food…

Everything looked amazing on the menu, so we ordered a little bit of everything (the only way to enjoy the real experience).

Mushroom with eggsFirst came the mushroom with scrambled eggs. (The tot was super hungry so they brought this out in a flash for him).

And it only got better from here onwards.

baby squid Mushroom saute, delicious.

IMG_6712Squid in some spicy sauce.

Kettle fish for fish loversKettle fish ( the best dish ever!)

Octopus with potatoRoasted potatoes laid on a bed of thin crusty bread and topped with the most delicious octopus I have ever tried.

Fish with chickpea and eggsWhite fish cooked with eggs and chickpeas (weird combo I know, but my taste buds gave it a thumbs up.

Beef cooked in porto wine sauceBeef cooked with red cabbage and broccoli smothered in porto wine sauce. I couldn’t try this hence the wine but how awesome does this look?

puff pastry stuffed with duck and beef meatThese were divine. Puff pastry stuffed with duck and beef meat laid on some rocket leaves.

Breaded prawnsBreaded prawns (always tasty).

IMG_6726I was officially stuffed but of course left room for dessert.

pumpkin pieHow could I deny a slice of pumpkin pie?

ice-creamThe chef more than catered for the tots demand of vanilla ice-cream. He brought out a plate of three scoops, Chocolate ( I finished in three minutes), mango and a strawberry sorbet.

He was sure satisfied, who wouldn’t with this sugar rush?

That was us done!

Truly one amazing experience and superb food! You know it’s a great place when the local cabbie also suggests it as a ‘must dine’ place.

Thanks again Pedro for the lovely experience, truly amazing food.



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