Sun, Sea and Cocktails for the Next Few Days!

Sun, Sea and Cocktails for the Next Few Days!


Bring on the Easter weekend.


Sneak peek into my suitcase items. A pair of wedge sandals is a must for a beach holiday. When you don’t want to go all out and wear stiletto heels and you are uncertain of what the floor surfaces will be like, be it cobbly, stoned or marble, then these are the perfect wear.

We arrived at Gouna a little after 4pm. A gorgeous beach resort in Hurgada, Egypt. If you haven’t been here yet,then you must make it a priority destination for your next trip away. It is breathtaking. If you want some sun and sea and a great night life at the same time, then Gouna is the place. Plus it’s dead cheap. The currency stands at one British pound to 11.79 Egyptian pounds. Not bad!

Our stay for the next few days…Steigenberger Golf Resort! We didn’t have much time to faf around or relax if we were going to make it for sunset by the pool and beach so me and my sister literally threw our suitcases down, made a quick change into our swimwear and headed out.


Im in love with Gouna. Keep yourselves posted with the next couple of blog posts and you will soon see why.


I couldn’t help myself and had a quick dance on the sound. Yes I am so excited to be here:)

We went back to the hotel for another change of clothes and headed out for dinner. Nothing too exciting since most of our friends arrived the next day,  and so we decided to stay local.


Whilst waiting for our ride, I took it upon myself to admire my new sandals and how they looked against the cobbly floor.

 We settled at Jobo (the only place that had wifi) and a good choice it was.



A chicken wrap and some chicken salad satisfied my appetite.

We tucked into it real quick before walking around the old town and making our way back to the hotel.

Yes finally the first good night sleep since my little one was born I thought to myself! But I was kidding myself. Mosquito bites kept me up all night:( Damn you mosquitos, I know you were a lil hungry.

Maybe tomorrow night I’ll have a good night sleep, I can only be hopeful.












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