Spa time, some more sun and Pier 88

Spa time, some more sun and Pier 88


Some spa time is a definite must when holidaying don’t you all think?

Whilst the group woke up and got ready at their usual snail pace speed, me and my sister thought it would be a good idea to check out the spa. We figured, being a five-star hotel, it’s got to be pretty awesome. I have to say, it was nice, but not the best I have seen. I was totally ignorant to the fitness gym that crossed my path and headed straight to the sauna for some relaxation and skin revitalising therapy.


I almost fell asleep after I dipped into this pool. The temperature was just perfect. So I know it looks deserted but that’s probably because we were there at 11am! I think the majority of guests headed straight for the sun and sea.


We did some scenery viewing and a lil bit of posing on our way back to our rooms. You got to admit though, the view is stunning!


Found this cute little bench. Great spot for some thinking time.


This has got to get you guys thinking of visiting Gouna, am I right? You can get great deals on flight and hotels and I tell no lie when I say five-star hotels are nothing like those you see in Europe, they are out if this world and dead cheap!


A very parched looking cactus wouldn’t you say?


We headed to a friends villa and dipping into the pool and some fun. How gorgeous is this place?



Next stop pool party! Great atmosphere and great music.


 We opted for dinner by the marina just at sunset. I could say what perfect way to end the day but of course there was another party going on in the evening.


 Admiring all the yachts all lined up. So who’s up for a yacht party? Anyone?


 My favourite coffee place in Egypt…Coffee Bean. I can’t get enough of them. A vanilla latte just has its way of tickling my taste buds and gets me all excited.


Dinner number two at Pier 88. They do the best steak. It’s a great little place in the water at the Marina, probably the most famous place for food.IMG_4152

And the nightlife is not too bad neither.


Since it was the Easter break, so you were bound to meet a few stars here and there. Me and Tamer Hagres. For those that don’t know him, he’s a heart throb Egyptian actor, TV host and producer.



Don’t ask me how, but we ended up chilling on my friends, friend’s yacht. So of course a yacht party was on the cards for the following day!


Skirt: Mango

Top: Reiss

Necklace: Asos


































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