Roma, Roma where art though Rome….

Roma, Roma where art though Rome….

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Living in London, means Europe is only a short plane ride away which makes a great destination if I am wanting to get away for a few days and escape the rain and cold. Rome is only a 2 hour 20 minute flight from the UK, and is a great example of the kind of place I am talking about. If you are after some great shopping, lovely food and a bit of cultural sight seeing, then Rome is your place.

My top five activities to do in Rome:

Frenetic Rome

If you are used to London traffic then you will be fine dealing with the traffic in Rome. But I warn you, if you are to survive on the roads, you have to drive like an Italian- aka crazy.  A safe way to drive like an Italian is to take a ‘Fiat Tour’.

The way it works is that you get to hire a vintage 1960’s or 70’s Fiat. You know the kind; the tiny ones with the cloth roof that can be peeled back to turn it into a sort of convertible. The company hires out the vehicles in blocks of four or five, and takes you on a convoy tour of the city. This means you get to nip through the city in an Italian classic with someone else honking the horn and getting everyone to move out of your way. Sounds like a great idea doesn’t it. That is riding in style I say.

Cultural Rome

If you fancy a bit of culture sightseeing then Rome is a fantastic destination with the abundance of theatres, museums and art galleries to keep you entertained. And what is even more appealing, is that the ticket prices for most events are half the price of what you would pay for something similar in London. Also, when the exchange rate is in your favour; your money goes a long way.

P1020101rome opera 3A visit to the Rome Opera House is wonderful and a great experience. I would definitely check what is on as soon as you arrive so you can plan ahead.

If you are a fashionista, then Rome is your perfect fashion fix. From designer shops to great local leather goods, you will find something that you will want to buy.

If you are on a relatively tight budget, you can still go home with a suitcase full of new clothes and shoes with the variety of budget type shops around. Read up on this article.  It explains where to shop in Rome as well as how to find the best bargains.

rome cafe 2 - Copy - Copy - CopyIf you are more of a street style stalker, then sitting in the outdoor cafes sipping on the best coffee in town might just be your thing. Everyone is just so stylish and so you are bound to be inspired. Be sure to order a side of tiramisu, it is the best place for it.

All this talk of Rome is sure making me want to book a flight tomorrow. Go on, treat yourselves. But bring me back two things: ice-cream and tiramisu.





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