Real authentic Italian food in the heart of Sorrento

Real authentic Italian food in the heart of Sorrento

Who isn’t a lover of Italian food? How can you not be. It is one of my favourite cuisines. I experienced¬† real authentic Italian food in the heart of Sorrento at Pepe Bianco.

As you do when you plan a visit to any destination, you find out the best restaurants beforehand and book a table. Well that is what I do anyway to avoid disappointment and because I like fine dining, these places get booked up pretty quick, so it is always a safe option to pre-book.

I stumbled across this real authentic Italian food place online and was taken aback by the all white classy and elegant look to it. It makes a perfect romantic setting for couples. Set right in the heart of the busy Sorrento Piazza, it makes it a perfect location for tourists and one that cannot be easily missed.

We took to a table facing the outside area for a good view and the perfect spot for people watching.

How cute is the decor? Across our table was a group of hens on a hens do night. It is a great location for an all white themed party with its decor being all white. Whilst they passed jokes around the table and made hen type jokes, we admired the view tucked into the great food.

To start, we digged our forks into a deep fried pasta ball which was delicious and something I have never tried before to be honest. You wouldn’t find this typically here in London at an Italian restaurant. The inside was made with b√©chamel sauce and the coating was made with flour and eggs. If anyone does know of anywhere that do these pasta balls, please do drop me a line in the comment section below.

Deep fried courgette balls was another delicious option and is a popular Italian dish here with many restaurants offering this as their starter.

For mains, I had the vegetable moussaka which was one of the best that I have ever tried. Just the right amount of sauce and not too tangy. Sometimes I find, it contains a little too much tomato sauce. A seafood linguine is always a good option especially with real al dente pasta. I couldn’t fault these dishes in anyway.

For dessert, I wanted to be a little adventurous and not have the typical tiramisu option and went for a dish that was a cross between ice-cream and tiramisu. To be honest, I have no idea of the name, but all I can tell you is that it was creamy with a dash of chocolate topping with a slight nutty taste and made a perfect compliment to a latte at the end of the meal. The picture speaks for itself. Now don’t all laugh at me, but I dipped the wafer biscuits in the dessert and dipped it into my latte. Strange but delicious.

What are your favourite Italian dishes?



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