Meet the stylist and the blogger from the East side:)

Meet the stylist and the blogger from the East side:)


More on my visit to Cairo:) You got to love this city. This was the first time in ages I said to myself I could actually see myself spending longer than usual here. I am not sure why. Maybe this feeling stemmed from discussion I had with my friends living there telling me how much they love it.

Did I say I could see myself in Cairo! Ahhh crazy thoughts! After being back in London for 2 days I quickly changed my mind. Things, life is so much easier here:) I love London!!



I had the chance to meet the lovely Nada, the stylist for her brand Nada Akram designs. If you like outfits that are a little outside your comforts zone, love statement pieces, wacky colours, then she is your girl:) This jumper she is wearing is just gorg. I could definitely have this hanging in my closet.



I headed for a flucca ride (a must in Cairo) right after.  Damn I missed this view!

And finished the night off at Cairo Festival City mall for dinner. When a bunch of arabs get together, you would think we would eat other cultural food, but instead we settled for typical Egyptian food!

IMG_7179Lentil soup to start.IMG_7182IMG_7185IMG_7184Followed by sharing plates of meat, bread, salads, savory pastries and more meat.

The next day was eventful:)

Being a London blogger, I wanted to meet an Egyptian blogger and compare notes (only natural). It was a pleasure meeting Ayat from The Vanity Blog who seemed to be doing quite well for herself. It was great to hear that she works and so doesn’t spend every second on her blog. We share the same boat here. The struggle I have with being a single mum and looking after a little one is that time is little and of an essence. Every spare second I get I am working on my blog, following up emails, interacting on social media till the early hours of the morning.

IMG_7216The lovely Ayat invited me to an event at the Pache e luce hairdresser in Maadi, run by nineteen84Management. Any event that involves a hair dresser means pamper time,so of course I went. I got a lux blow dry by the amazing Mazin! I feel and look a million dollars. Anyone that needs a lux hair cut/style then Kriss (madinat nusr and mohandeseen) and Pace E Luce is your place. Both run by Lebanese (the best at hair and make-up).


IMG_7215IMG_7219IMG_7220Paul Patisseries to hand definitely put a smile to my face. I’m a sucker to their pastries and macaroons.


IMG_7240IMG_7244IMG_7232Rounded the night up with some family time on the Nile at The Medley for some nachos, chicken satay red velvet cake and a chocolate pudding! Weird combo I know, must have been time of the month.

I would love to hear anyone’s views or travel experience in Cairo. Drop me a line below:)





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