Lots of Christmas markets, hot chocolate and roasted chestnuts, guess where I have been

Lots of Christmas markets, hot chocolate and roasted chestnuts, guess where I have been


The first few words should have given the location away.


Another guess?

BERLIN! ja! ja! Christmas markets and sausages, need I say more. Well this last picture contains words Berlin!

Before I go any further can I just say, the Germans from this part of town were unbelievably rude! Me and my friends were shocked! But don’t let that put you off the city, it is a great city. Just a few examples:

1- We offered to give the taxi driver our map so he can work out his route because he looked a little puzzled let’s just say and the answer we got: ”I don’t need your map, I have my own and I know where I am going” ouch!

2- We wanted to exchange our fizzy water bottle at the supermarket for which we had just paid for in exchange for still water and when the lady at the cash desk realised it was me AND my friend that needed the exchange, we got a huge ”YOU ALSOOOOOOO”. We were gobsmacked!

There are many more hilarious ones but let’s crack on with this blog post.


We headed to our first of many Christmas market at Alexandre Platz.



We browsed, ate chestnuts and waffles and drank hot chocolate, as you do when you go to Christmas markets. As you can see it was pouring with rain but that didn’t stop us having some fun:)


The Egyptian museums were a lot of fun. I see where I get my lips from.


I am trying to get a pic taken, do you have to be so needy right now? Bless him, he just wanted a cuddle.




Finally we rested for dinner and some seriously good hot chocolate and tiramisu at Bristot. Although my Italian friend Eman wouldn’t agree it was a good tiramisu. It was made from ice-cream and cream, I mean who wouldn’t love it? Check out the view! That is definitely a hot chocolate with a view.

Tune in to the next posts to see what else I got up to.


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