Final day at Mykynos involved some table dancing

Final day at Mykynos involved some table dancing


Of course we were going to nail it, being our last day and all that.

We headed to Psarou beach! The most popular and most happening place to party and have fun.

pic 4

But not before we gazed one last time at the pretty site just outside our villa. I spy with my little I see, something beginning with B. Now that could be boats or beauty, well both in my opinion:)



Final day of tanning, so we all got down to business and slapped on our tanning lotions and positioned ourselves ( not so much for me) where we could receive the maximum amount of sunlight. I opted for lazing in the shade, and posing for some snaps.



Maha is awesome at hair braiding and since I love braids, her services were called upon.



Psst was a tad jealous of my sisters one. Pretty cool don’t you think?

So with the final hen activity, I printed out pictures of celebrities and gave them out to the girlies and the task involved them to do a bit of searching/flirting to find their match and take a snap. I happened to be the only one that completed this task! Shame on you girls. Celebrities I had picked included Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Lautner Taylor, Edwardo Verastegui (my man), Leonardo Di Caprio….so really these girls had no problem.


My Edwardo look alike didn’t want his picture displayed on the blog so I had to cut him out.  But it was a close match.



Very easy on the eye don’t you think?

We took a break and headed to the oh so famous Nammos restaurant. Considering it took nearly an hour for them to accommodate us and that is with us having made a booking, I am not surprised it is so famous. The buzz and atmosphere that hit us on arrival was crazy. Music blasting, loud, people dancing on tables and waiters scurrying around serving food, trying to keep up.

Finally when we managed to sit down, I took a quick look at the menu after which the music just took over for me. I couldn’t help myself and got up for a dance. The others ordered the food. We ordered a round of starters



Mixed salad



Boiled vegetables

And our usual calamari and squid dishes.

Just wait for the main… Spaghetti and lobster. This was a feast:)



And within the armour lies a generous amount of meat. It is just hard work getting to it. You have to nibble, crack open, suck and dig in, but it is well worth it when you extract all the meat out.



I was stuffed!


Someone received a sparkly gift. Profriteroles for dessert, rich and creamy. Nostalgia on  another level!


pic 3

pic 2

We danced away and sang along to the songs until we were all partied out and we were ready to head back.



Don’t let the music and crazy ambience putyou off taking your kids there. This mother had no problem bringing her daughter in on the party and there were a few other tables with children.

What an awesome lunch that was. I highly recommend going here. (sorry about the bad quality pics, my phone camera wasn’t at it’s best performance).



My final outfit in Mykynos:) After heading back to the villa for some relaxation time (not long), we got ready and headed out for our final dinner at Sea Satin….boooooo.



Salivating on arrival at the site of this! Fresh fish awaits us.



Buzzing as you can see.



Let’s skip the starters and go straight to the main! I could happily eat fresh fish all day long, all year round.



Dough drenched in honey for dessert and a scoop of ice cream.



Delivery of flowers for one special lady!



Some dancing and singing for the rest of the evening.

And that was our trip, gone in a flash!:(


Bye bye Mykynos. I will be returning soon. I couldn’t leave before stopping off at the duty-free and picking up some Greek delicacies which included some olives, Halawa, olive paste and Rose Turkish delight.



Perfect last memory on departing Mykynos; sunrise seen peering just above the plane.

Kalimera and yasou Mykynos.





























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