Family, great food, celebrations…I say Amman to that:)

Family, great food, celebrations…I say Amman to that:)

image (18)A trip to Amman for a family affair came with laughter, fun and bags of toddler tantrums. I have been dying to visit this beautiful country  Jordan  for the past 10 years. Sadly I didn’t get to see Petra which has been on my to do list for yearsssss! I am hopeful I can tick this one off my list soon though. Anyone getting married in Jordan? I am available:p

The Four Seasons Hotel was the chosen place of stay, which was outstanding. Everything from the greetings, standard of room service to the spa, was spot on.

The first morning was spent relaxing by the pool and spa exploring.IMG_9675Someone got in there first. I don’t think he was too impressed when I said no outdoor swimming, but he did make full use of the indoor pool.IMG_9685IMG_9689The spa facilities couldn’t have been any better. With hair sprays, mouse and cotton pads to hand after a shower, what more could you want:) IMG_9692Plus a few healthy snacks to keep your energy levels up.

IMG_9694It was soon time to head over to the Four Seasons Hair salon Emad for the event-My brothers engagement party:)

I was given an all over curl look first

IMG_9706Followed by the Emad touch styling.IMG_9708The final result:) It had a  bit too much volume in it, but I was hopeful that the power of gravity would do its job and the volume would somehow flatten over time which actually it did.IMG_9750A selfie with the gorgeous sis in law:)

The venue? Their stunning mansion/palace, located somewhere up in the mountains. It boasts a number of swimming pools spread over two or three floor levels and a huge outdoor space. An amazing job was done to get this place party ready.IMG_9758IMG_9754IMG_9766IMG_9767IMG_9768Yep, sitting down and mingling wasn’t his thing. He spent the evening running around, admiring the flower displays and dancing.IMG_9787It wasn’t long before we all took to the dance floor and danced the night away- till 4am! With the outstanding food display, I hoped to burn all the calories I gained from the gorgeous cakes and patisseries that were on display.

The following day involved a quick morning breakfast at the hotel, followed by Brunch at Kan ZamanIMG_9820

I couldn’t help but snap the foul (broad beans) area at breakfast. It has been a while since I had a good old traditional Egyptian breakfast of foul and falafel.


IMG_9838IMG_9848IMG_9861 IMG_9863Some leg stretching exercise was in need!

That was the fastest weekend I have ever experienced.

Thanks Four Seasons Hotel for a splendid trip. I will be sure to check into this hotel on my next visit.



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