Bonjour Paris


Bonjour Paris

After what seemed like a longggggg journey, (time always doubles when you travel with tots) we checked into Novotel hotel, which I may add was definately impressive compared to where I previously stayed. Mind you I was a student back then, so budget was tight!

Our first stop was River Siene. Finally I could say Bonjour Paris. I’ve probably visited this River about five times in my life yet the stalls of art and painting that line the river never fail to impress me. Plus the sun was shining (hence a not so clear picture)  so I was happy.


The bridge of love. How did we not cross paths in all these years? I put tis first in my list of ‘to go’ places! This bridge is lined with thousands of padlocks engraved with names of the ones you love. I brought a padlock from one of the dozen men scattered across the river selling them which came with a tiny key. Thankfully they offered me a marker pen to use. Didn’t quite think ahead..oops. I wrote the year and mine and my sons name and found a spot somewhere along the middle ( regretting that now ) to lock it on. I should have been crafty and placed it somewhere I could find in five years! I’m hopeful though when I return one day I would be able to locate it:) A lot of love in Paris judging my the number of padlocks.

By the time we were done, I could barely feel my toes, so we stopped off at a cute little cafe for some hot chocolate- my humble abode. The rest of the day was filled with long walks and stopping off for a not so french dinner of burger and chips and a well earned crepe oozing with nutella, just the way I like it.


Day number two. After a lovely breakfast of eggs, french bread and amazing coffee we headed to the Eiffel Tower which I never fail to visit. For this tough, we opted out of waiting in the queue for hours to go right to the top. Instead we admired the view, enjoyed a merry go round with my little treasure and ate ice cream (like it wasn’t cold enough)! If I hadn’t travelled with my little one, I would have definately made a return at night to see the tower light up- totally different experience.


Next stop, St Germain. We ignored the shops (very unlike me) for an hour to sit and relax at a cafe for some lattes and hot chocolate and a chit chat. Cafes here are known for their great coffee although mine tasted a little bitter, (good thing I don’t remember the name of the cafe). My usual is Les Deux Magot wich do amazing lattes but we thought we would be a little adventureous and try something different!

Next, shoppinggggggggg; my favourite workout. We wandered through the little streets and squares, popping into shops and pharmacies (one on every corner) and before we knew it, we found ourselves relaxing again, for lunch this time. We were unlucky to find seats near a heater outside, nevertheless, we braved ourselves and sat outside which wasn’t a bad idea. The sun was shining, the view was pleasant and so the cold was pretty much forgotton. We tucked into our salads and french bread and later headed off for some more shopping before stopping off for a crepe. I make it a ritual to eat at least one of these a day. They taste that good! The best ones I find are the ones selling from a cart, but if you want an accompanying coffee or ice cream, you are better off having it at a restaurant.


Third day was a bit rushed as it was our last day. We had breakfast at the Le Rostand opposite Jardin du Luxembourg, the best for breakfast. I had mushroom scrambled eggs and a latte. We worked off the calories walking through the magnificant park. This is a definate must see. I was very impressed with the childrens playground area. It was huge and had every swing, activity you could think of.

We headed to the Arc de Triomphe which was our last stop and what a great way to end the trip. I almost put traffic on a stand still for my shot. I had two seconds to blow a quick kiss to the camera before horns were heard honking.

We spent the next hour walking down Champs Elysees admiring the horse-chesnut trees that lined this avenue and the luxury shops, cafes and theatres. Apparently Champs Elysees is also known as the la plus belle avenue du monde which means the most beautiful avenue in the world. I think I will have to agree with this statement.

I made time for another quick crepe before heading home. Au revoir Paris.


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