The Berlin Wall, Charlottenburg and more hot chocolate

The Berlin Wall, Charlottenburg and more hot chocolate



You can’t go to Berlin without visiting the Berlin wall.

But you all knew that right?

I don’t actually know what I thought it would be like. I didn’t think it would be covered in graffiti the way it was that is for sure.

IMG_6672The East and West.

IMG_6673We stopped off for lunch at Pirates which do great food and it is literally by the Berlin Wall. Thank God for that, I couldn’t feel my fingers and toes any longer and needed comfort food. I think the soup and burger and fries definitely cured my frozen toe feeling.

IMG_6675The chicken burger was awesome.



Outfit: Skirt:French Connection//jumper:Esprit//Bag:Mango

Our last and final ‘touristy’ place to visit: Charlottenburg.



IMG_6763I was amazed at the palace and how it lit up:) stunning! Eman what exactly caught your eye, camera is this way.

IMG_6782The Christmas market was definitely the busiest we have seen and I am not surprised, it was huge, with lots of different stalls from natural soaps to jewelry to sheepskin gloves and scarves and for a fraction of the price of UGGS, a bargain.


IMG_6781The hot chocolate was the best I had tasted at these markets. How cute are these mugs? You pay an 3 euros as a deposit so you don’t run off with the mug. My friend pointed out later, well it is only 3 euros, so you could have walked off with it! It definitely was a cool mug.

We headed to dinner not long after visiting the market. Pushing a buggy with the mass of people that were there was a bit too much.

IMG_6797Our ‘last Supper’. I loved the christmassy feel to the place:)

IMG_6718IMG_6722One last visit to Alexander Platz the following day before saying auf wiedershen to Berlin.

What a great trip it was, I will definitely make a return visit, maybe in the Summer, a change from being wrapped up from head to toe everyday.



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