Beach bag ready

Beach bag ready


There is nothing worse than realising you forgot to pack certain essentials whilst you are sitting on the plane! That has happened to me a few times. Ever headed out to the beach without the right gear? You want to geared up for all the activities, from beach volley, to yoga to sunbathing, the works, you name it.

Here are a few holiday essentials to tick off your list.

1-Sun hat

Self explanatory really


If you are hot on yoga then these are perfect for your yoga class. They are super comfy and stretchy.

3-A cover up

When you have had enough sun and you want to head to the local cafe/restaurant for some food, a cover up is a definite must. You don’t want to be walking around with your bikini and not to mention, oiled up skin.


A must if it is very hot. There is nothing worse than running from the beach to the sea because the sand is burning your soles! ouch!


If I have forgotten this, I literally feel like the world has ended. My one time of peace and quiet cannot go wasted, and generally speaking wifi on the beach is a rarity so I like a good read if I cannot utilise social media. I have been on the beach where I have had to stand at a particular corner just to catch the wifi connection, sad I know, so I like to take a more productive approach when I am catching some sun.

Happy holidays:)





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