All fun and games in City stars

All fun and games in City stars

Who doesn’t like a huge mall with endless number of shops, cafes, restaurants and more importantly plenty of kids areas? Well it is important for me, because dragging the little one to a few shops is hard enough let alone spend half a day shopping! Impossible. There needs to be a little break involving some sort of  kids entertainment otherwise we will both be pulling each others hair out!IMG_3067After breakfast, I headed out to Sesame Club in City stars with my bestie and her little angel for a long awaited play date session and catch up:)

IMG_3117IMG_3116The sunshine was out in full swing, so I topped up on my vitamin D dose, although wished  that I wasn’t wearing a full sleeve shirt! The temperature in Cairo is very temperamental at this time of the year. One minute the sun is shining and the next minute you find yourself running after your tissue paper/receipt, (anything that is light really) you left on the table thanks to the windy weather so I always made sure I had a cardigan on me even though it was redundant half the time.

He made a beeline straight to the climbing activities. I must say he thoroughly enjoyed himself here with his new bestie, Adam. The two were inseparable. As with most play areas, you pay an hourly fee and can stay for as long as you want. Usually one hour would suffice! By then the little one enters into naughty mode and he needs a change of scenery.

I am a huge fan of play areas and in fact Egypt is great for this. Almost every cafe I went to had a kids area which is great for us mums who want to mingle with friends and have some peace and quiet, even if it is just for half an hour. If I am alone, I would use this time to engage on social media, browse photos etc. It is nice to have some me time whilst your little ones are entertained. There seems to be a current trend for ‘candy crush’ game on Facebook. Not a fan at all, and those that know me would know how irritated I get with all the notifications for invite to the game. There are other play areas in the City Stars mall. I didn’t get the chance to go to Magic Galaxy. I hear it is also very entertaining for the little ones with games and race cars. It is sure right up my ally. I will have to hit this up on my next journey along with Tiny town which has just opened.

With regards to dining, you are spoiled for choice.  There are the likes of fast food type food and great dining with a range of some excellent kids choice of food, from pizzas, to pastas, burgers and Arabic food.

We stopped off for a little pick me up of coffee and warm croissants from Pauls. Before heading out to see more yummy mums with tots.IMG_3107

IMG_3119Table selfie with a disinterested little munchkin.

I love City Stars, it couldn’t be more of a kid friendly place. It is definitely a place to visit if you have little munchkins that need entertaining.



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