A visit to The Roman Baths for a weekend away

A visit to The Roman Baths for a weekend away

What do you do when it’s the Easter holidays and it’s raining in London? You get out of London of course! And so I did, a weekend away to see The Roman Baths in Bath was just what I needed.

Well getting away to a sunny beach would have been great but we made do with a weekend in Bath which turned out to be a lovely way to spend the Easter weekend bar the muggy weather. As it happens a lot of people I spoke with were actually there the same time as I was or had just left. It seems that Bath is a popular weekend get away destination. I met my lovely friend Lu whilst having a soak in the outdoor jacuzzi. We made our quick hellos before she jetted off to the spa for her treatments.

Bath is a 2hr drive away from London, maybe a little over 2 hours if you keep within the speed limits. So it’s a perfect destination for a quick get away. Be it rain or shine, there is always something to do here, whether its sit in the cute cafes or roam the streets and soaking up a bit of Roman culture.

We headed straight for the Roman Baths and embarked on a two hour visit to the remarkable preserved remains of the ancient spa.  It is amazing that the spring rise and baths still flow with natural hot water today.

The Roman Baths-SarahsLifestyleDiaryThe Roman Baths-SarahslifestyleDiary

The Roman Baths-SarahslifestyleDiary

We were given audio guides on arrival. They are available in 12 different languages and are available for kids also. A channel with Bill Bryson commentating on the Roman site giving his thoughts and observations on Roman life, history and the society is also one of the options to listen to. They also have a British Sign Language guide and audio guide with enhanced audio description for those that require this.

Spread over three floors, we dotted around each room looking and admiring the ancient history before finally reaching the Baths. SPECTACULAR!

What a beautiful site! I joined in with the crowd and clicked away at the beautiful baths in front of me.

We ended the day by what was initially window shopping, ended up being a shopping spree. I picked up some cute Turkish Coffee tea sets and mugs and other touristic bits and bobs. And stopped off at the San Fransisco Fudge Factory to buy some freshly made fudge. A must see place if you do go to Bath.


Have you been to Bath?


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