Divine bath and body shower gels for busy mums

I can probably speak for a lot of mums when I say, bath times are virtually non existent after kids right? Or is it just that I cannot plan my days right? For me it is a daily quick 10 minute shower or 20 minutes if I am washing my hair. These divine bath and body shower gels for busy mums I am about to tell you about will put a new spin on bath times, I guarantee that it will leave you feeling you have spent the day at a spa retreat.

dive bath and body shower gels

Long gone are the days when I used to turn on the bath taps and run a hot bath and soak myself and forget about my days worries. I am however making it a weekly ritual to have a least one bath a week where I can relax, forget about the ”mama mama” echo and zone out. Maybe I will light a candle or two.

I have the down low on some divine bath and body shower gels for buys mums like me. The I LOVE cosmetic range which take bath times on a whole new level.

You all by now know my obsession with chocolate right? Especially dark chocolate. I was actually just reading an article on the benefits of dark chocolate which include: lower cholesterol, acts as a mood stabiliser, a role weight management and an energy booster with its high levels of magnesium. So I see it as a healthy addiction, wouldn’t you agree? I am downing some Green & Blacks chocolate as I am typing.

The I LOVE cosmetic do a great range of various flavoured bath gels from fudge chocolate to mint chocolate. One whiff of it makes me want to drink the bottle right there and then. It smells that delicious. The perfect bath & body treat for some much needed me time.

Other I lOVE originals include: coconut and cream, mango and papaya, raspberry and blackberry, lemon sorbet, pink marshmallow (sounds lush) and many more. Check out the website here.

Thanks for the products I LOVE cosmetics, you rock. My favourite was the chocolate fudge cake bath soak. I was licking my body (literally)!

I just want to note that 97% of the ingredients are naturally derived ingredients so virtually little non sense added. After using the I LOVE cosmetic bath soak, my skin felt nourished, smooth and more importantly smelled so good! I couldn’t stop smelling my skin.

I LOVE cosmetics also do a range of fragrances, hand and body creams and soaps. At the moment they have a 2 for 1 offer on body mists. I think I will have to do a few ”add to basket” action tonight. I love my body mists and have my eye on the English rose.

What are your favourite body baths? Spread the LOVE, and check these beauties out.