This burger is beany healthy:)

This burger is beany healthy:)

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When we all think of burgers we think fatty, greasy and indulge time #foodporn. But not this type of burger! Oh no, I am all about healthy eating! Although I do like to indulge in cakes/chocolate/tiramisu every now and again!Once this healthy bean burger tickles your taste buds, you will think twice before scoffing a meaty burger down your throat. Well I do admit, meat burgers are delicious and ok to have every now and again. It’s great for adding iron to your diet, vitamins (100g of high quality red meat contains large amounts of vitamin B12,B6,B3, Zinc, Iron and Selenium) and surprisingly red meat does not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

A change from meat is always good plus this beany burger contributes to your daily ‘five a day’.

All you need to make 6 burgers ( huge ones)

2o0g of Butternut squash

2 red onions

2 garlic cloves

2tsp of paprika

1tsp tumeric

handful of fresh corriander chopped

300g of cooked kidney

300g of  cooked cannellini beans


zest of 1 lime

salt and pepper to taste

1 red chilli

2tbsp of olive oil

For the coating

3 slices of wholemeal bread

1 egg


1-Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees celsius

2-Cook the chopped butternut squash in a pan with boiling water with some salt until soft (5 minutes) and set aside.

3-Fry the onion with some oil until soft then add the garlic, chilli, tumeric, paprika and coriander and cook for a minute and remove from the heat

4-Put the beans into a large bowl and mash them before tipping the onion mix and stir. Add the egg,lime zest and salt and pepper and fold in the butternut squash.

5-Lightly toast the bread then blitz  in a food processor and tip into a bowl and mix the egg, salt and pepper

6-Form round patties of the burger mixture in your hands and dip into the bread mixture and shake off excess before placing on a well oiled tray or greaseproof paper and cook for 30 minutes until golden.

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There you have it:) You can make a burger out of it, add some lettuce, layer on  the avocado,tomato and goats cheese or that extra twist and drizzle some sour cream/salad cream, whatever tickles your fancy.

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Or eat it with salad:)

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Either way tastes great. Perfect Summer lunch option I reckon. It longs long-winded to make but trust me preparation only takes 20 minutes and 30 minutes or so for you slow coaches.




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