The Londoners slutty brownies. Reserved for those with a filthy mind

The Londoners slutty brownies. Reserved for those with a filthy mind

I came across this from The londoner and had to give them a go. They are exactly what the title says, FILTHY and oozing with chocolate. I call it ‘comfort on a plate’. 

Slutty brownies using Oreos is simply the best. They are seriously the best brownies I have ever tasted and boy have I tasted a few. I’m a major brownie slut, having gone round the whole of London ordering brownies left right and centre at every cafe I visit. I am a sucker for brownies if there is coffee involved.

They take about 10-15 minutes to prepare and 25-30 minutes to cook so just enough time to get the cleaning done, stick on some tea for brewing and rounding up your favourite ice-creams or cream in a bowl.

All you need:


1 Box of Brownie mix

2 Boxes of cookie mix

1-2 Eggs (depending on how moist you want to go)

2 Packs of Oreo biscuits

Some oil



1-Pre-heat the oven at 180 degrees Celsius, gas mark 4.

2-Line the baking tray with greaseproof paper or grease with some butter

IMG_06713-Follow the instructions of the cookie mix and add a little more oil and water to the mixture just to make it a little moist. Add an extra egg  and mix

IMG_06744-Pour into the tray evenly

IMG_06765-Cover the layer with Oreos

IMG_06776-Mix up the brownie mix together and cover the OerosIMG_0680

7-Bake for 30 minutes

IMG_07168-Remove and allow to cool. When it is still warm, Cut into squares (as big or small as you want, depending on how much comfort is needed) and take out of the tray onto your serving plate with whatever sides you fancy- be it a dollop of cream or even better some creamy ice-cream.

IMG_0708Sit back and savour each bite! They are seriously tasty! A must try



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