The best hot chocolate receipe EVER- Heaven in a mug

The best hot chocolate receipe EVER- Heaven in a mug

Hot chocolate

You know this by now, my love for hot chocolate! I could and will never give this up! How different would my life be without hot chocolate? Mmmm moody, snappy, short… My name is Sarah and I am a chocolate addict.

So since I love dark chocolate and peanut butter, I thought why not combine the two:) This has to be the best hot chocolate receipe ever! Hot Chocolate using dark chocolate and peanut butter is delicious.

All you need:

Around 40g of dark chocolate squares

Milk of choice (I used rice milk)-you can buy little single use cartons

1 teaspoon of peanut butter

Heat your milk and add the chocolate squares and stir.

Pour into mug of choice and stir I the peanut butter and watch it melt away in the chocolate mix.

HEAVEN in a mug, that’s the perfect description.

For that added bonus, it is actually healthy with no sugar added:) Dark chocolate are full of antioxidants to fight those free radicals which contribute to cancer and ageing. Studies have shown that a small amount two to three times a week can lower blood pressure and help improve cognitive function:)

Peanut butter is full of heart healthy monosaturated fats, helps you lose weight as it is packed with fibre and protein and keeps you fuller for longer:)

Right I am off to make another cuppa.



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