Strawberry and Rasberry Meringue Surprise!


This is very much a summer dessert but hey you can never say no to anything that involves strawberries and cream.

The meringue beauty is my friend Mariane ‘s recipe. I tried it one day and just had to get her recipe and re live the taste again. It looks hard to make but trust me, you can whip this thing up in 10 minutes flat!

To make a glass bowl (about 20 cm in diameter)


16 meringue nests

1 pot of double cream

2 packets of strawberries

2 packets of raspberries

Firstly break up each meringue in about four pieces and place in the bowl you will serve in



Whip up your cream until its thick.


Cut up the strawberries in half.


Add some cream over the meringue.

Throw in some strawberries and raspberries onto the cream.

Then repeat the process to how many layers you want:) I did three layers of each.

Voila and that’s your meringue, it’s that simple!


I can’t get enough. I had to take my son for a walk to get away from this otherwise I would have easily eaten the whole bowl.

Go ahead and try it and let me know what you all think!


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