Spelt pancake smothered with cacao ricotta

Spelt pancake smothered with cacao ricotta


My spelt pancake specialty. Cacao and ricotta? Yep you read right. Trust me, these are delicious! This is a Dana Trapani inspired recipe!

I love ricotta because its low-fat and great as a desert or added to savoury dishes:)

Spelt pancake recipe for about two  (depending on how thick you want it).

2 tbs spelt flour

100mls of water

1 egg

pinch of salt

1tsp of sunflower seeds (You can use any seeds, I like pumpkin seeds too)

For cacao ricotta:

250g of ricotta cheese

1tbs of cacao powder. (I used cacao mixed with flaxseeds)

1tsp of honey



1-Add the ricotta to a bowl and mix your cacao powder.

2-Give it a g whisk

3-Mix in the honey and refrigerate for about 20 minutes

4- In the meantime add the flour and water in a bowl.

5- Add the egg and pinch of salt

6-Whisk all together

7- Finally mix in the seeds

8- Heat a little oil in a pan and use a scoop to scoop your mixture onto a pan and flip when golden in colour

9-Voila and that is your pancakes all ready

10-I had them with some chopped banana, with some Chia seeds sprinkled on top.



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