Pesto and aubergine roll finger food lovin

Pesto and aubergine roll finger food lovin

I am a huge fan of finger food! Especially when I have guests over and I need something to entertain them whilst I deal with what’s cooking in the oven.I opened my fridge one day and saw a jar of pesto that needed finishing, caught sight of an aubergine and thought to myself, why not re-create ¬†a receipe I saw from the Honestly healthy book.


Ingredients needed:

-A couple of spoonfuls of pesto

-One aubergine

-A drizzle of olive oil

-A handful of pine nuts

-Some crumbled feta cheese

1-Slice your aubergine and place in the grill or pan with a little oil to soften and cook until slightly golden in colour.

IMG_83352-Drizzle some olive oil

IMG_83373-Layer on the pesto, feta and nuts

IMG_83384-Roll and secure with mini toothpicks

Place on a dish and serve. Now you can forget about your guests for 5 minutes whilst you take care of other dishes to be served:)


How do you take your aubergine?




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