Peanut butter and dark choc squares using a 3 step method

Peanut butter and dark choc squares using a 3 step method

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My of two favorite ingredients to make this yummy dish:) And two healthy ingredients so that’s a plus plus. Since making peanut butter cookies, I have become a huge fan of peanut butter now:).

Its a super easy receipe that takes literally five minutes to put together and tastes divine! Addictive actually. Anything that involves dark chocolate is addictive.

3 ingredients, 3 steps. That is all it takes.

To make a small square dish:

1 and 1/2 bar of dark chocolate (300g) melted

1 tablespoon of honey

3/4 of a jar of peanut butter

3-step method

1- Melt the dark chocolate until liquid. Melt the peanut butter slightly so soft.

2-Mix the honey into the dark chocolate

3-Layer the dark chocolate first, stick in the fridge for 5 minutes,then take out and add peanut butter then dark chocolate again on top

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Voila, dessert is served! Now indulge! Spoon after spoon, and you will notice you have finished the whole tray! yikes. But its healthy so don’t feel too guilty. Way healthier than all those Easter eggs you all ate last week.

It is a¬†great ‘at your desk’ snack too. Cut up in little squares and stash in a sealed box and slip it into your handbag/manbag.

Drop me a line once you have tried these babies. I would love to hear your comments.





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