Oaty Bananas for breakfast- now that is what I call my morning fuel

Oaty Bananas for breakfast- now that is what I call my morning fuel

banana oats

They say the most important meal of the day is breakfast and it is true! Eat well at breakfast and you won’t be binging later, trust me! And when I say eat well, I don’t mean bacon and eggs, with a side of heart healthy sausages.

Oats are super healthy and are  great for breakfast as they contain slow release carbohydrates so gives you gradual release of energy for the rest of the day. They also contain a ton of fiber and beta-glucagon, making them suitable for diabetics. I usually add them to milk and some honey but I came across the lovely Lizzie’s post and fell in love with this idea. I adjusted it a little and added a nutella twist to it (hiding face emoji).

The health benefits of bananas are numerous- high in potassium so prevents night cramps, helps reduce depression, packed with energy, strengthens nervous system, helps with constipation and helps aids weight loss to list a few.

Liking the idea already? Well you oat to get cracking in the kitchen then.

Its quick and easy to make.

All you need:

1 banana

1/2 cup of oats

1 egg

1 teaspoon of agave syrup

some coconut oil for cooking

a dollop of nutella

sprinkles of coconut pieces


1-Slice up your banana length ways

2-In a bowl, mix the oats with the egg and agave syrup

3-Coat the banana pieces with the mixture and place in pan with a little oil and cook on each side for a few minutes until golden

4-Pour some nutella on the top with the coconut pieces

banana oats

Grab a fork and knife and dig in.

That is breakfast done, now you are ready to seize the day.




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