Matcha chia pudding and granola breakfast routine

Matcha chia pudding and granola breakfast routine

Another one of my favourite on the go breakfast idea. It is quick and easy and involves no cooking- Matcha chia pudding and granola.chia pudding with granola, healthy

Chia seeds are super healthy. All its nutrients packed together in tiny seeds. They are high in antioxidants, Omega-3 and 9, dietary fibre, protein and other goodness too.

They can be sprinkled on anything you fancy or soaked in milk overnight (my favourite way to eat it). I tried matcha pudding one day and loved it, so I thought I would recreate at home one day.

And if you know me, you would know I am addicted to granola. This is best served with yoghurt and maple syrup in my household. Although the other day I did try it with some milk and it seemed to have tickled my taste buds the right way:)

Here is how to make a matcha chia pudding with granola and fruit:)

1- Add One tablespoon of chia seeds to half a cup of milk and stir with half-one teaspoon of matcha powder

2-Add your maple syrup or honey for sweetness

3-Put in the fridge for a few hours/ overnight

4- It should set like jelly so you can layer whatever you like on top.

My favourite is granola with some fruit and coconut.

Did you know chia seeds can be milled to make flour to be used in pancakes, muffins or even bread.

That shall be my next blog post- Chia flour cakes:)

Matcha chia puddingMatcha chia pudding

How do you take your chia?





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